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AEP Building Consultant Inc


Designers + Space Planner + Residential and Commercial Inspection
Service in the Chicago and Metropolitan Area.

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Structural, Architectural, Civil, Environmental, Mechnacial, Electrical, Plumbing Design, Lighting Design
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203k Consultant

FHA has created a program that allows a buyer to purchase an existing home or refinance their current one with a minimum down payment and include funding for improvements and renovations; It is called an FHA 203k Loan.A 203(K) consultant is someone who has been designated by a HUD field Office for the purpose of completing the work write-up and cost estimate and the required architectural exhibits for the borrower. We are Illinois base and Chicago-land HUD Approved 203(K) consultant and FHA compliance inspector.



We provide Architectural drawing services and redline drawings for you just let us know what your needs are. Turn-around times vary from project to project but standard is approximately 1-2 weeks for small retail buildings and houses.


We offer construction management service on a contract basis not included with 203(K) loan. Please call us for CM rates we can come out to the job site and review drawings on site, redline drawings on site and stamp them on site.


Site Visit

 As your Chicago-land 203k consultant, we will provide lender and contractor with all of the necessary documentation to close your renovation loan faster.  AEP 203k Consultant processes are designed to comply with FHA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and loan guidelines so that there are no surprises with your transaction.

 Whole House / Building

Every week we talk to someone who is sure there is no problem with this or that so they only want part of the inspection. Folks, get the whole thing done. You need the roof, structure, foundation, grade and drainage, mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspections done. And if you're worried about spending $50 or so more for the whole thing compared to just a partial inspection you don't need to be purchasing (investing in) the home or building – you need to wait a while longer and save some more money!

Many are being taken by so-called foundation experts. We can't tell you how many times we have saved a family from a so-called foundation expert over-selling their needs. Usually the problem, we find has little to do with their proposal. Hire a professional or you will pay dearly folks, we've seen it many times.

We've got you covered! for many years a home and building inspector, we walked server roof tops. He'll let you know if you have problems, where the current problem comes from.

We're going to check most all of the mechanical systems in the home or building. Our intention is to determine the potential for a mechanical system failure in the near future. It's your investment so get professional knowledge.

Electrical and Plumbing

Know the difference between costly and non-necessary repairs. Do you need to consider an add-on to the main service panel? Could be. Better find out before you close on the house or you'll be paying for that one sooner or later. Does the house or building have polybutylene piping in it? Does it have problems. Some do, Some don't. Call somebody that knows.





You need to know if there is reason for concern, there is limitations to testing and the test results an inspector gives you. Don't pay for testing without getting the facts.

Mold is a concern in virtually all homes in this region. Most people simply don't realize it. Of course though, so is crossing the street. Keep in mind, there is a lot you eat and breath that can or may cause health problems if you are susceptible to it. Don't get me wrong, we are not belittling the concern for mold or any other type of testing. But have inspections and sampling performed by an unbiased party – not someone who performs the re-mediation and/or repairs as well. You'll find most of the time they do not work with your best interest in mind.

 Certified FHA Inspector

This inspection is best performed by a licensed Certified FHA inspector. Most lenders want the inspection performed by a licensed and Certified HUD inspector. In this area it is actually incomplete for anyone but a FHA inspector to perform this inspection without FHA Consultant ID. Follow your residential inspector as he/she reviews the home. Ask questions. And KNOW that, if you are purchasing an older home (over 20 years old or so) there may be damage not viewable during the inspection. Look for signs that it has been hidden by a previous owner. Believe us, it happens a lot. Even a good inspector can't see hidden damage though. We recommend you do some probing if you are purchasing a home which is slab on grade. We have seen many of these homes with extensive pest damage inside, which was NOT foreseeable when the home was purchased. If you don't want to or can't do the probing, you'd better plan on having to make repairs if you ever modify walls or ceilings. Just realize, there may be unforeseeable damage.

Realize what you getting yourself into folks. You are purchasing a piece of property built by men, built out of products which have a limited life.

AEP Goal...

At Chicago AEP Building Consultant our goal is to provide you the best service. Communication and experience are the key ingredients. Our consultant team are thorough and we explain the difference between maintenance type items and potential unexpected repairs which may be necessary. On the design team side, we're here until the job is done.

Purchasing a home or building is an investment. Realtors looking for more than just a one-time sale recommend engineers. Many recommend AEP Building Consultant Chicago and HUD 203k certified consultant.


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AEP is state licensed and certified in Architectural Properties Inspection

  Our mission
Our building consultants are licensed, certified, as necessary to perform the service of  Architectural, Construction Management and real estate inspections and more!

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